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PLUS REAL ESTATE aims at taking care of expatriates in Hangzhou. We offer exten sive support and assistance to both corpora te and individual clients in their relocation to Hangzhou. We provide a comprehensive set of real estate services through a serviceled approach. We are not only finding the right homes but also doing the ongoing support for the client’s daily life. Our professionality and responsive working attitude have been widely accepted by our clients. Whether you are looking for an apartments or other properties, coming on holidays or re locating for business to Hangzhou, we offer furnished or unfurnished homes that best suit your needs, ranging from budget or luxury properties, either selfcontained or serviced. PLUS is run by an energetic and responsible team of real estate professionals, with local and international working experience. No matter where you are from, we will try our best to meet your requirements. The team provide excellent after sale services for all clients. Our exclusive and uptodate homefinding Website offers an extensive listing database, covering luxury houses, flats and serviced apartments .   We intend to remain a “boutique” ,a tenant oriented agency offering the best pers onal service and assistance. Send us your details and requirements and we'll provide the necessary information, listin gs and support, we'll assure you that our consideration covers all the factors for a smooth relocation, and take as much time as you need to get you thoroughly settled in to your new life.

Call or SMS to: 

Robert:  138 0576 0599   
Our consultants:
• Are highly experienced, meaning your company and staff will be in safe hands.
• Save you money by negotiating fiercely with landlords.
• Have extensive intelligence and knowledge of the local market.
• Save time by being 100% committed to helping our clients settle in quickly.
• Understand expat needs and communicate clearly with excellent English.
• Have the support of advanced management tools and a professional team.
• Understand corporate housing policies, anticipating your needs and saving your time and effort.
Prior to your home search trip
A PLUS consultant will contact you to introduce themselves and:
• Review your needs based on your completed home search needs assessment and your initial call to PLUS Relocation
• Confirm your home search dates
• Search and preview properties
• Prepare a detailed schedule and proposal for your review and approval
During your home search trip
On the agreed date of your home search we will:
• Meet you at your hotel and provide comfortable transportation for the home search tour
• Give you the PLUS welcome pack and review its contents with you
• Provide you with a final itinerary and review it with you. We will show you on a map where the properties we will view are located
• Provide you with a detailed checklist for every property you will view
• Accompany your and give you a general orientation of the neighborhood
• Advise on location of property and convenience of transportation, local shops and services
• Discuss your likes and dislikes at the end of the day and make appropriate changes to the following day’s itinerary
After housing has been selected (prior to move in)
1. Walkthrough and lease negotiations
PLUS will
• Advise you on Hangzhou local real estate practices, including security deposit requirements, etc
• Advise on how much negotiation is possible depending on market area
• Conduct a final walkthrough of the property with you to identify repairs to be done and other requirements
• Review lease to ensure all leases are appropriate
• Explain terms and requirements for lease
• Coordinate lease signatures, security deposit payment and rental
2. Preinspection
PLUS will:
• Meet with the landlord and check all items by following standard checkin process and ensure all repairs are done properly
• Clear up pending utility bills and assist with connecting utilities ready for move in day
• Preinspection report prior to your move in
• Issue a welcome letter (including items to bring for move in)
• Accompany check in and support all necessary registration
• Start PLUS courtesy 24/7 tenancy management services
Call or SMS to: Robert  138 0576 0599  

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